Wine + Blankets Houston

We were so incredibly pumped to host our first event, Blankets + Wine, in Houston. Even though our picnic was rained on, so many women braved the elements and came out to connect. Hailie and I were so thankful for an opportunity to bring women into our vision.

Something that was so special to me was how many people came that were new to the Houston area. As someone who moved to Houston who had a particularly hard time adjusting, I have a heart for other women seeking community in a new place. Trying to find adult friends is no easy feat, and I can't tell you what a joy it is to me to see these women become White Buffalos. 

I'm one lucky gal that I am married to a videographer. Clint generously offered himself as the token male for the event to film. Here some moments that he captured.


Thank you stopping by!! 

Please feel free to email us at kendall (at) thewhitebuffaloproject dot com or hailie (at) thewhitebuffaloproject dot com if you have any questions or a particularly interesting vocabulary word to share. 

We're excited to have you here for the party.

XO, Kendall 



**images provided by Clint Hanna and Batli Joselevitz. Thank you for your creative contribution!