live your passion out loud.

Have you met Kelsey? The beauty + brains + huge heart behind She, in the Making. This woman, from the very first time we met, inspired me by her passion for life. The way that she approaches her every day, through words, photography, and hand lettering is so genuine and uplifting that you can't help but sit back and watch her go. So I asked her to scribble down her thoughts about just that: passion. And what it means for her. 

Passion. You know that stuff that drives us? That thing that makes your heart run a hundred miles a minute? That gives you butterflies and sends you flying high? Yet the same thing that keeps your feet grounded and your head in the books? Passion. The very thing that can drive you insane and at the same time make you just crazy enough to take that leap. To jump in that car, to move across the country, to quit your job, to start that business. Passion. The thing that makes time stop, while you glance back at the clock and realize you've given everything you have to this one thing for hours on end. And you haven't the slightest regret. Passion. The moment you find yourself so enamored, so elated, so heart wrenchingly invested, and realize you finally know what it feels like to be fully alive. And that's the moment you know you've found it. Your passion. 

Thank you for being a White Buffalo and spreading your goodness, Kelsey. 

Follow her lovely every day life on Instagram (@sheinthemaking).

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Much love + buffaloes,