keep dreaming

What did you dream of when you were a little girl? Did you dream of being a princess? Did you dream of being a doctor? Did you dream of being a mother, an artist, an astro-physicist?

Whatever you dreamt of - and let’s just go ahead and acknowledge right now that not a single one of these dreams is silly or shallow, better or worse than any other - whatever it was I bet that underneath that dream there was something else. Maybe you knew it and maybe you didn’t, but I bet that in some way you also kind of sort of dreamt of changing the world.

This whole thing started because someone had a dream and then others came along and said, “me too!” So a movement was born, a movement to change the conversation and let that begin to change the culture.


I love that word - movement. It has so many meanings and so many uses. Immediately I think of it in terms of music, a progressive development of a piece. It can also refer to the frenetic energy and bustle of a busy place.

Its primary definition, though, is “an act of changing physical location or position.” I almost dismissed that definition and moved on to the second because it wasn’t the type of movement that I was thinking about when I thought about changing the world. But if we look at it again I think there is something significant there.

In order for something to move, it has to change position and location. We can’t stay in the same place forever. We can’t remain in our safe little boxes and expect the world to change. If we want to see that change spread to new cities and beyond, then we have to get up and get moving.

Sure we have to think realistically. We have to start right where we are. But sometimes we have to move to see real change.

Maybe that means you take a leap of faith and move to a new city. Maybe that means you finally stop hiding your heart and pursue your passion. Maybe that means that you move your butt across the street and invite your neighbor who you’ve never spoken to over for coffee and conversation.


Typically when we think of a movement we think of the second definition: “a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.” And I think this second definition is so important too.

Look at it again - a group of people, working together.

We have to work together. We have to support each other and encourage each other. We have to make room for everyone to succeed. We have to open our minds and our hearts to what everyone has to offer if we want to change the world. No gift is too small. No talent is unusable.

True change can only be achieved by everyone making an offering of what they have.

Maybe you became a teacher instead of an astro-physicist. Maybe you are still waiting to be a mother. Maybe you are an artist even though you have never actually sold a piece of art. You can still change the world. You are changing the world.


So keep dreaming. Keep moving.



Written by the talented and inspiring Tamara Romaguera

Stunning imagery provided by Joanne Pio