So what is this thing?

The White Buffalo Project is a movement, a movement that gathers women together in authenticity. It's the battle for genuine connection during a time where we are encouraged to wear a mask, compete, and cut down. It's a project to create groups that rally around each other—groups that celebrate successes, but also lends a non-judgmental hand in the trenches. It's saying “me too.” 

We are creating community all around Houston through events that invite women of all backgrounds to come together and change the conversation. We want to change the way women treat each other and change the culture of community. And change ourselves. 

How did y’all get started?


Kendall had been in Houston for about a year and was feeling a bit lonely. She had been on a search for good friends as a young twenties creative professional in a strange new city…and not just the kind you meet for drinks and casual conversation. She was looking for sisters. She was determined to find a healthy community and had no real resource to find these women.

The more women Kendall met, the more she heard how much they were all searching for the same thing—a solid community—and didn’t know where to look. Eventually Kendall decided that if the need was that great, it was her responsibility and her calling to create it.

Hailie was one of Kendall’s first deep friendships in Houston. She trusted Hailie completely. One night in December 2014, Kendall asked Hailie to come over and chat after work. While sitting on the couch, Kendall poured out her heart, sharing an idea for what eventually turned into White Buffalo Project. The two women hugged and cried and set out on this mission together, hoping to share even just a little bit of love and hope with the women of the world. .

5,338 coffees and many late nights later, we’re here.